• Company news

    • 2021 - 10 - 28
      Hi, memebers , Good news, in order to meet the needs of members to shop online on this website  www.satxtv.com ,please go to PC website check more wonderful products and it will showing anything correctly. Becuase now  what you are watching is https://m.satxtv.com/  this is mobile phone website, very hard to setup as a member for orders, we have opened paypal payment on line (the credit card can also be paid behind), and we have also added some items, such as more IPTV,marketing software and databases, also offer job oppotunity.so that everyone can better  for your work, life and business. We will continue to develop new projects to help you all. You can inquire our whatsapp number before order, also can after order inform us quickly ....
    • 2022 - 09 - 30
      Dear all users , this website is not good use for business, such as register is very hard . so we desided to stop this website at 2022-10-30 . we will use new website :   www.video-king.store Queridos todos los usuarios, este sitio web no es bueno para el uso comercial, como el registro es difícil.Así que decidimos detener el sitio en 2022 - 10 - 30.we will use new website :   www.video-king.store
    • 2022 - 09 - 30
      Important news!if you have host name server as Newstar. such as below:newstar1.dynu.com newstar2.dynu.comnewstar3.dynu.comnewstar4.dynu.comnewstar5.dynu.comnewstar6.dynu.comnewstar7.dynu.comnewstar8.dynu.comyou need change port number :if your user's port is 18500, pleaese change to be 51666 .if your user's port is 19500, pleaese change to be 51888 .if your user's port is 20000, pleaese change to be 51999 .if your user's port is 41560, pleaese change to be 52000 . changing time from 10-1 to 10-7 (during chinese national holiday)after change your port, your users will be online and working.this website www.satxtv.com will be expired at 10-30-2022 please all our users please remember and save our new website :www.video-king.store   enjoy it ,and sorry...